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April 1, 2015

A new Home Goods opened near our house on Sunday. It’s right next door to Target, a mere 8 minutes away, which means dangerously convenient. Since sourcing items for your home can be surprisingly easy really frustrating at times, I thought it would be fun to do some window shopping at Home Goods, and share a few tips. (Home Goods was a madhouse on opening day. Thanks, for braving it with me Kaley and JoEllen!)

Michael and I have been wanting an ice chest like this one for a few years now. We’re not big Peps-Cola lovers, but the vintage look gets us every time. I actually called him about purchasing it, but at $149, it’s just not in the budget right now. (Also, that is a grill shaped like a pig behind the ice chest.)


Tip #1: Take photos of items you like but aren’t sure if they will work in your home, or you can’t afford right now.  I have a whole folder on my phone filled with items that I have liked, but just couldn’t purchase at the time. This gives you the opportunity to “take it home” for free, see if it would actually look good in your space, and determine if it was really love or just an impulse want. Occasionally look through those photos. Does the item still make your heart beat faster? No? Delete it.

I wish this red mini-fridge ($129) would have been around when we were looking for one for The Library. It wouldn’t have fit in the space, but I sure would have racked my brain to figure out how to make it fit. At $129 it’s a really great price. West Elm sells a similar version for waaay more money.


I love these glasses! The taller glasses come in a pack of four ($7.99), and the shorter ones come in a pack of six ($12.99). I will probably go back for the taller ones.


This serving bowl caught my eye from across the aisle. It reminds me of the plate our neighbor brought from Turkey for me. When I picked it up, I noticed the tag read: “Handmade in Turkey.” I couldn’t believe it was only $7.99!


At $6.99 for four, this place mat set is also a steal. These would be a great way to add a little spring color to your table (indoor or out).


These towels ($6.99 each) probably wouldn’t last more than a day in our house, but how great is the fringe and stripe detail at the bottom?


This jewelry organizer ($9.99) also caught my attention. Akira really needs a place to put her growing jewelry collection. (Especially since she started using her jewelry box as a place for tiny toys called Shopkins.) This wouldn’t work as a tray in her room, but if we turned it vertically and hung it on the wall it would be perfect. Adding small hooks to the top square would create a place for her to hang her necklaces. We could also put one or two dowels in the bottom square for a place to stack her bracelets.  As is, it’s a bit uninteresting, but painting the edges a bold color would definitely solve that problem.


Tip #2: See the potential in an item. This takes practice. By practice, I mean looking at a plethora of images / objects. Pinterest is great for this. Find photos or take photos of rooms or ideas that you really like. When you look at enough images of spaces or projects, you’ll start to have shape memories. This tray’s shape reminded me of a utensil organizer, and I’ve seen enough utensil organizers turned jewelry organizers on Pinterest to know that that would work with this tray.

The bright leather handles add a lot of interest to this basket. The basket would be great in a kid’s room for toy storage, or even by the front door as a place to put sunscreen and towels on your way out to the pool; assuming you go to the pool often and you don’t have small children who would try to drink the sunscreen. The basket comes in a large, medium or small size. I didn’t check the prices of the medium and small ones, but the large is only $12.99! Baskets, especially large ones, can be expensive; $12.99 is an unbelievable price given the size.


Tip #3: Transform something you already own. You can save a lot of money if you can use things you already own to make knock offs of things you’ve seen in stores or online. If you like the colorful leather handles of this basket, but already have a basket, you could buy a piece of leather (in any color you like) and brads from a craft store and add handles to your own basket. As I mentioned, $12.99 is a great price, but $2-$3 to transform something you already own is even better!

I could totally see this used as toy storage for Emerson’s room. He’s really into airplanes, so I think it would be fun to line the display cubbies with different vintage-looking, toy planes. The drawers could be used for his matchbox cars. However, $199 = too rich for my blood.


While we were there, I was telling JoEllen and Kaley that I want to stack vintage suitcases next to Emerson’s bed to use as a night stand. This guy ($29.95) is just what I had in mind. If only there were a medium and large size one, too. The bonus to using suitcases as a night stand is that they can double as storage.


This chest ($149) could also be used as a night stand, or even extra storage in a bathroom. The white + natural wood element gives it a real Spanish Revival style. You could change the knobs to something in black to take that feel a bit further.


This chair ($299.00) looks like a more relaxed version of a wingback chair. It’s also a recliner! We purchased our recliner (which you can see here) from Home Goods, and we’ve been very happy with it. Our chair is in desperate need of a cleaning; in spite of how many times I have scrubbed it. I stood there for quite a few minutes considering if this chair would work as a replacement for our chair. It could. Nonetheless, $299 is (again) not in the budget, and I’d rather pay just to have ours professionally cleaned.


How I wish I had found these chairs when we were looking for upholstered chairs for our dining room! They are the perfect size, shape, and color. That blue would add life to our very white dining room. They are $129 each; not a bad price at all. I paid $139 total for both of my chairs (from Target), however. This brings me to my last tip:

IMG_20150331_175511Tip #4: Be happy with what you have.  This tip is twofold. First, don’t buy “meantime” things. Don’t buy place holders or things you really don’t love “just for now”. It’s a waste of money. Instead, save that money for when you do find exactly what you want / need. Second, if you already own something and love it, don’t spend money to replace it with something you like a little more. There will always be something that you may like more than what you already have, but if you are being thoughtful about your purchases in the first place, then you can avoid the temptation to re-buy a version of something you already own. I know this whole post has been about stuff, but in the end that’s really all it is – stuff. Buy things that make your house function better and/or feel more like a home, but also learn when to say no.

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  • Reply Lauren April 1, 2015 at 7:33 pm

    great tips! I just visited that new home goods… So many temptations! I was restrained though and ended up leaving with just two bowls for food photos. I will be back!

    • Reply Blair April 2, 2015 at 9:16 am

      Thanks, Lauren! Yes, so many temptations! They do have an amazing dish section. I can’t wait to see the new bowls on

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