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The Unicorn of Sofas

April 20, 2015

It’s here! It’s here! The convertible sofa for the playroom is here! It did not come without difficulty, however. Weeks of indecision were discussed here and here. Even just getting it here was quite the feat! We opted to use Wal-Mart’s site-to-store delivery method to avoid the delivery surcharge. We were hoping that it would fit in the back of our SUV. It didn’t. That would have been way too easy. We had some very gracious friends lend Michael their truck so he could go back to Wal-Mart that evening to pick up the sofa. It started pouring just as he got into the truck to leave. Nevertheless…


sofa as bed

In your face, Adversity!

Let’s be honest, “Convertible sofa” is just the internet’s new, fancy name for a futon. That being said, I was surprised by how much I actually liked it. The color is perfect. It’s not too dark, but not so light that I have to worry about the kid’s staining it. The seam to make it look like two separate cushions is actually a deep crease. I have no doubts that it will be where things get lost and where dirt goes to die.


It’s also pretty comfortable; I’d say a 7 out of 10, Michael gives it a 6 out of 10. My shin did discover that the frame can be felt on the edges, but it’s not something that is felt with general sitting or even laying when it’s folded flat. It came assembled, all we had to do was add the legs. It has a locking system to keep it upright, and it has metal legs concealed in the seat back to be used for extra support when it’s being used as a bed. It even has storage space under the seat.


I imagine that I’ll use the storage for some of my craft supplies. I want to put things that we won’t need to access often in there. The sofa needs to be pulled away from the wall a bit so that the seat can tilt back enough to access the storage, so it wouldn’t be a good place for toy storage, unfortunately.

The arms are not arms at all. They’re just pillows. Akira wasn’t paying attention when Michael and I were discussing the pillows not being arms (at length), and about five minutes later, she used one to brace herself while bending over to pick something up. Needless to say, she and the pillow went tumbling down. I didn’t even try not to laugh. She sat up, bewildered, and then started laughing, too. Despite the hilarity, the pseudo-arm situation needed to be remedied.

pillow arm

I’m assuming the “arms” are not attached so that they can be moved out of the way when the sofa is used as a bed. I can still lie down between the pillows without a problem, but someone taller, like my brother, might have an issue, so I didn’t want to permanently attached them to the sofa. I went to Hancock Fabrics and purchased industrial strength Velcro. There was a whole wall of the stuff – iron on, sew on, adhesive but not for fabrics… I was just about to walk to the register with one I wasn’t sure about, when I found this:


“Adhesive”, “Made for fabric”, “Permanent” – sounds like the right one to me! It even holds up to washing; not that I will be washing the pillow-arms. I cut the Velcro in half, and attached the hook side (the scratchy side) to the pillow, and the loop side (the soft side) to the sofa. (This way, if the pillows were moved, no one would be scratched by the hook side of the Velcro.) Rather than fussing with measurements and all that nonsense, I adhered the hook side to the pillow first, and then put the loop side right on top of the hook side. This ensured that both pieces would be in exactly the same place and attach correctly. All I needed to do then was peel the backing off of the loop side and push the pillow-arm onto the sofa.


It worked, but the front and end of the pillow really need to have Velcro as well. For the second pillow, I cut the Velcro into fours.


This worked much better. Thank you, hindsight. I’ll be buying more Velcro to add to the other arm; the last thing I want is a kid leaning on it and falling into the shelves. Yes, that’s right. I said shelves! We were starting to think it would never actually happen. We’ll share all about the shelves on Thursday. In the meantime, here’s another photo of the sofa.

sofa closer view

Truth be told, it’s starting to feel really cool in there, and I’m a little jealous. I told Michael we should forgo the playroom and make it a lounge for ourselves. And then, I stepped on a Lego. 

Psst! The “hello” pillow and the blue and white pillow are from Hobby Lobby. Did you know that they sell an assortment of zipper pillow covers? I feel like I read that somewhere, but had forgotten about it. They were on sale for 50% off, so I got them for less than $5 each!

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