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August 14, 2015

PSA: We will be switching from our current M-W-F post schedule to a T-Th posting schedule. I’m hoping this will give us more time for the bigger projects, and manage life with 3 small children a little better. 

Friday is as good a time as any to share a few pictures / outtakes from our vacation that didn’t make it in the other posts (here, here and here).

Our first time in the subway. Celebratory photo!

new york city | here-lately.com


NYC has leaves as big as your head! We took this photo for Emerson, who has been collecting leaves lately.

nyc | here-lately.com


Speaking of Emerson…


The time for just the two of us was incredibly needed, but we missed our babies while we were on vacation. We did a whole lot of video chatting. #thankfulfortech

Michael was like a kid in a Lego store at the Lego store on Fifth Avenue in NYC.



This one is getting printed and framed:

here-lately.comHe is not a morning person at all, and I enjoy the heck out of teasing him about it.

The ride on the South Ferry to Governor’s Island was only Michael’s 2nd time being on the boat! (The 1st time was on a ferry in San Francisco 3 years ago.)



The outside of the South Ferry building is gorgeous!

south ferry building | here-lately.com


This is the view of Looking Glass Falls (Asheville) from the road.

looking glass falls | here-lately.com


Here’s a closer look. The rock formations were amazing!

looking glass falls | here-lately.com


The views from the Biltmore’s back balcony (which also had an amazing breeze):

biltmore |here-lately.com


And I’m jealous that the people of Asheville get this view when walking out of the grocery store:

asheville | here-lately.com


See you Tuesday, friends!

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