The Craziness: Explained

November 17, 2015

We survived last week’s craziness! But to be honest, the craziness didn’t start with last week and it didn’t end there, either. The craziness should, maybe, be referred to as busyness. Extreme busyness. In July I applied for a stylist position at a company called Stitch Fix. I’m happy to say I got that job (Woohoo!), and I love it!  It’s the first paying job that I’ve had in 8 years –FYI: Updating an 8 year old resume can be quite the humorous endeavor. It’s a remote position, which is perfect for me, because it means I still get to be here for our kiddos.

The same week that  I started at Stitch Fix, Michael also started a new job; the very next day, actually!  For the last year or so *Michael has worked from home.  And we even sold our second car,  because he wasn’t really using it. Well, his new job is about 15 minutes away, and I know 15 minutes sounds like a breeze, but with traffic (and there usually is) that 15 minute drive can easily turn into an hour! Needless to say, getting Akira to school, dropping off Michael and then driving the complete opposite way to drop off Emerson if he has school, is pretty chaotic. We’re definitely hoping to get another car soon, but we need to take care of a few things first – like this downstairs bathroom!!

We are this | | close to finishing it! We need to give a few things another coat of paint, add the lattice strip near the ceiling, and change out the door, and we’ll be done! Well, I hope. Oh, God, please let that it be that easy! (And in the 7 weeks it has taken us to get this bathroom near completion, other things have come up, like: needing to get the garage door fixed, fixing cracked tiles, the car needs new brakes, etc…)

We also had a double birthday party this weekend! Emerson and Eleanor both have November birthdays, 3 days apart, so we had their parties together. Emerson turned 4 and Eleanor turn 2. They both love the movie Rio, so we had a Rio / Brazillian carnival themed shindig.

Rio Themed party |

They dressed up like Blue and Jewel from the movie…

Rio Themed party |

They made parade floats out of old shoe boxes with their friends, and then had a parade through the house where they threw candy to their parents. Emerson said throwing candy was his favorite part.

Rio Themed party |


I hoping that this adjustment phase comes to a close soon and we really start to find a groove when it comes to balancing new jobs, home projects and life in general. Although, with the holidays right around the corner, I’m not sure that it will get any less chaotic very soon.


*In addition to Michael’s day job, our home projects, and being a dad and husband, Michael also has a startup company that really is a 2nd job. It’s a full plate, hence why he hasn’t been writing many posts, but we’re are so proud of him!


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