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Silhouette Plate Gallery + a GIVEAWAY

June 17, 2015

*Update: You can find the full how-to tutorial for making your own silhouette HERE.*

So last time I showed you our faux sunroom, I mentioned wanting to put a plate gallery on the adjacent wall, which you can see in this photo:

sitting area in kitchen via

This is the inspiration photo that started it all:

sillouette plates


It’s also one of the photos that is taped to the wall in the first picture. (I like to hang the inspiration photo in the space, so I can stare at it from day-to-day, and decide if it’s what I really want for the space or not.)  I have been searching for and collecting plates for this little sliver of a wall for the last 2.5 years. It may not seem like it should take that long, but finding plates that go together and bear some sort of semblance to the color scheme already in play seemed impossible at times. Despite having a decent looking kitchen, we’re still in the middle of things decor-wise. For reference this is the color scheme we are trying to incorporate into our very white kitchen:

kitchen color scheme

(The blue is a little off, but close enough for you to get the vibe.)

After 2.5 years of scouring thrift stores and retail stores alike, these are the plates I ended up with:

plates for gallery wall here-lately.comNot really color for color as far as the color scheme goes, but that’s something I had to come to terms with – it wasn’t going to match exactly, and that was probably a good thing. Starting from the bottom left, here’s where I found the plates: Anthropologie, gift from attending a wedding, gift from attending a wedding, TJ Maxx, TJ Maxx, and Goodwill.

So with plates in hand, I needed to take photos of us that I could use to turn into silhouettes. Do you know how hard it is to get a 3-year-old and an almost-2-year-old to face sideways and stay still? Don’t even get me started on Louie… (I was finally able to get this shot after 32 others and distracting him with my foot.)


I used Photoshop to edit the photos and my trusty Silhouette machine to cut the silhouettes onto vinyl. (I’ll be sharing the full tutorial on Friday!) After editing the photos and sticking the vinyl to the plates, things looked something like this:

plate wall

To hang the plates I picked up picture hangers and Gorilla Gel Super Glue at Target for less than $5. I put glue on each end of the hangers and then adhered them to the back of the plates.

gallery wall

plate gallery

I’ve used this method before to hang plates and it’s worked out well. After letting the glue cure over night, I started hanging the plates. I tried arranging them on the counter before hanging them, but that method never works out for me. It’s so much easier for me to hang one, step back, take a look, and hang the next one. I used a Hercules Hook (Those things are A+ in my book.) to hang the largest plate and anchors + flat-head screws to hang the others. I chose to hang the larger plate on the hook, because it’s pretty heavy, and  those Hercules Hooks are really great for holding weight. The hanging, looking, hanging method only worked for so long on my own. I had to ask Michael to hold the last two plates up for me while I decided where to put them.

I wanted to fill out the wall as much as I could, but I only had 6 plates, so I couldn’t stretch them too far.

plate gallery

We decided to add a plate with an R for our last name to help things fill in a bit. For the plate itself, I used a clear one that I had lying around. I printed a graphic border from, and used a black paint marker to trace it on the front of the plate.

plate gallery

After tracing the graphic onto the plate, I flipped it over and used enamel paint (Folkart Enamel brand) to fill everything in with a little color.

plate gallery

When I was finished, I flipped it over and it looked like this:

plate gallery

I was surprised by how well it turn out. And actually it was pretty fun, so I’m trying to think of other glass things that I could paint.

Michael and I went back and forth on which side of the plate we liked best. The front definitely looked amazing with the defining lines of the black paint pen, but we also liked the impressionistic feel of the back side.  I was this close to removing the lines on the front of the plate from the paint pen. But we decided to wait until I put the R on the plate before making a decision. I made a monogram in Photoshop and then had the Silhouette cut it onto vinyl. Unfortunately, my “est. 2005” under the R was too small and didn’t make it. 

plate gallery

Without further ado, here it is in all its glory:

plate gallery

plate gallery

Both Michael and Akira were befuddled that my silhouette had long hair. Ha. I currently have short hair, but I’m letting it grow out and typically I keep my hair long, so it made since to me to use a photo with longer hair.

plate gallery

Michael and I both really love it. Although, Michael said he thought he looked like Lincoln. In his dreams! The kids like that they each have their own plate with their face on it. (They each picked their own plate, by the way.) As much as I love it, I’m also a little unsure about the plate with the R. The style seems a little out of place to me — maybe? I guess it just looks different than the others, because it’s a letter and not a face. Michael really likes it and has assured me that the plate and the spacing is perfect, but… I’ll see. It may bother me enough that I’ll change it out with a different plate. I have plenty of time to mull it over, because, after all, finding another plate should only take another 2.5 years.

So that’s the plate wall. Eeek! Doubts aside, I’m so excited to have this project finished. I’ve been wanting to have it done for such a long time. Moreover, I’m exited to finally get more color happening in the kitchen.

plate gallery

What do you guys think? Yay or nay on the letter plate? Be sure to check back on Friday for the full how-to. But before you go, we have to talk about this giveaway mentioned in the title! We love the way our silhouettes came out so much, that we wanted to share. So we’re giving you a chance to win your own!

  • All you have to do is share this post. You can share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, you can pin it on Pinterest… You’ll earn one entry per share (i.e. one for sharing on Facebook, one for sharing on Pinterest, etc).
  • After you’ve shared the post, leave us a comment with where you shared and your user name / handle so we can verify it. It’s that simple!
  • We’ll pick one person at random on 6/22/15 to have one custom .jpeg file made for them. It can be of you, a family member, or even a pet! You can either print it and frame it, you can cut it out and put it on your own plate, or anything — the possibilities are endless!

So what are you waiting for?! Start sharing! Don’t forget to leave us a comment letting us know that you shared this post!

**The gritty details: The prize is a .jpeg file that will be emailed to you. Upon winning you will receive an email with instructions for sending us a picture so we can design a custom silhouette for you. Prompt response via email is requested. Failure to respond and claim your prize will result in forfeiting your prize. Your silhouette file is for personal use only. The silhouette file can be of someone other than yourself and/or can be gifted to someone else, but it is not to be sold for monetary gain.**

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