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Lately: The ‘Ole Room Switcheroo

May 29, 2015

I don’t know what has gotten into me lately. I’m a mad woman, bent on purging and organizing EVERYTHING. I totally declared last Saturday: “Family Clean Up Day”. We spent from 9 am to 5:30 pm purging, organizing, and cleaning. I’m not even sure how we got the kids to go along with that. It may just have been the crazy look in my eyes.

We started one bedroom at a time, removing everything that was not where it belonged. Anything in the wrong place got put in a pile in the hallway. Then while Michael and the kids were putting those things where they actually belonged, I was dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing, and reorganizing. In total I think we threw out 3 bags, donated 3 bags, and had 1 box of things to sell. At least 2 trash bags and 2 donate bags came from Akira’s room alone.

Way back when, we wrote this post about switching the girls’ rooms (among other things), but we kept putting it off. Partly because we got involved in other projects, but mostly because I didn’t want to deal with going through the clutter in Akira’s room. She’s a memory keeper. She has a lot of old cards, notes, etc that are all special to her and she must keep. I love that sentimental side of her. She also, however, feels the need to keep old, torn toy packages and broken pencils, I’m not as fond of that side. But with my cleaning-possessed-self on Saturday, I didn’t even bat an eye. At nearly 3 hours, her room took the longest – but it got done!

I don’t even remember Sunday. We did take some time to have a little fun Monday morning, though. We had breakfast at Whole Foods:

We played with a refurbished cigarette dispenser that now dispenses local, handmade crafts. (XOXO, Austin!)

We even managed to go to the park before it started raining.

On Tuesday, I got all crazy-eyed again, and decided to start switching the girls’ rooms. I planned to only start moving the small things and finish moving everything with Michael’s help once he was off of work. Yeh, well… I end up moving everything. I even took the door off the hinges so that I could get Eleanor’s crib out of the room. It still got stuck, however, and Michael had to help me during his lunch break. Nonetheless, I am happy to report that the rooms are switched and we could not be happier!

Here’s Akira’s room before…

akira's room before

And after:

akira's room after 1

Eleanor’s room before…

eleanor's room before

And Eleanor’s room after:

Not much difference, I know. But these are all pre-makeover, so it’s not going to be mind blowing. We like to have a clear plan and money set aside before we do any major room makeovers. Even then, we’ll work on one thing in the room (e.g. painting), and then hop around to another project while we save more money.

Even though it’s not a huge change visually, I’m most pleased with Akira’s room. That full-sized bed looks so much better in the larger room. My favorite part of the room? That closet door. Sounds weird, I know. But we were using an over-the-door shoe organizer to hold her Barbies, which sounded like a good idea in theory, but it made a loud noise every time she opened or closed the door. It woke us up every morning when she would decide to get up an hour before her alarm went off. With it on the closet door, we haven’t heard it at all – even when she opens and closes that door! I’m not sure why. It may be that the door is smaller than the frame so it can better accommodate the hooks that go over the door? No idea. (Her closet in the other room had siding doors, so we couldn’t hang it there.) I’m just happy I can sleep a little later than 5:50 am.

This is inside the closet:

girl's closet

Things left to do in Akira’s room:

  • Paint the walls and ceiling. I’m thinking cream or a light taupe on the walls and a soft pink or coral on the ceiling.
  • Paint the night stands / dressers. I want to do a light to dark coral ombre.
  • Monogram the roller shade to jazz it up a bit.
  • Hang light, flowy curtains. Possibly dip-dye the ends.
  • Build a hide-away desk?
  • Get a more grown-up / better shelf system in there + more organizers to keep the clutter in check.

About a year ago I made this mood board for her room:

girl's room mood board via

I’m still hoping to stick with the same plan, but recently she and Michael have decided that she should have a loft bed. I’m not sold on that idea. I think loft beds can be cool, but I just don’t think it would look great in that room. The bed she has now used to be our bed. We upgraded to a queen size (Hallelujah!) a few years ago and were using that bed as a guest bed. However, when Emerson was ready to be moved from a crib, we gave him Akira’s twin bed and gave her this full sized bed. It was always a temporary solution. I had hoped to get a twin bed for her with a cute headboard, but I guess we’ll just see where we land on that one.

As for Eleanor’s room… It’s still just a hodgepodge of stuff.

I’m not really sure what we will end up doing with this room. We never really had the opportunity to decorate a nursery for her, because we were remodeling the kitchen in the months leading up to her birth. (#noregrets) I would like to gut an upright piano or build a piano frame to put the keyboard in and then move it downstairs into the living room. That is waaay down the list, however. Really, she just needs shelves. Perhaps, we’ll recycle the shelf in Akira’s room and use it in here.  She also needs a dresser. Neither Eleanor nor Emerson have a dresser. I’ve been searching for dressers, but haven’t found any that I like. For Emerson, I want a vintage, tall dresser. I’m not certain what I want for Eleanor, but probably also something tall. (I’m a fan of tall dressers, because they take up less space.)

I do like the color scheme of this room, and I’ve been mulling it over as a choice for Eleanor’s room, but I’m not 100% sold yet.

We’re hoping to get some yard work done this weekend, but it’s supposed to rain again, so that’s not looking probable. We may end up at the paint store getting paint for Akira’s room. Or we may end up patching the holes that the electrician made while putting an outlet in The Library. More on that next week!

Have a great weekend, friends! Are any of you working on any projects this coming weekend?

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  • Reply Jody Powell May 30, 2015 at 1:27 am

    I’ve been doing the de-clutter/organizing thing, too. It started with cleaning out the attic — removing every last thing — and making keep/throw/donate piles. When the “donate” pile got to be very large, it turned into a “sell” pile, as in garage sale. So now I’m rounding up everything else in the house that is garage sale worthy, and throwing away a lot of stuff that is worthy of nothing! I hope I don’t need anything as soon as I sell or throw it!

    • Reply Blair June 1, 2015 at 6:45 am

      That’s always my fear, too, that I will need something as soon as I get rid of it. Good luck with the sale!

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