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Our Faux Sunroom

June 10, 2015

Last week in Michael’s post about our plans to save money on our mortgage, we talked about adding a ceiling fan to the sitting room in the kitchen. We’ve actually never talked about this little nook, which I lovingly call the sunroom.

sitting area in kitchen via

When we were first taking photos of our home for the Home Tour page, I didn’t feel like we had gotten any good photographs of the sunroom, so we decided to leave them out and take new photos later. I went back and looked at the photos, recently, and realized they weren’t that bad. The lighting is a little off and the walls read a little more yellow in some photos more than others… We’re still learning how to use how DSLR. Nonetheless, since we already mentioned adding a fan in there and I hope to be doing some more decorating in there soon, I thought it a good time to share the details on our faux sunroom.

This area is right off the kitchen (which you can see from the photo above), and was originally intended to be a breakfast nook. However, it’s located directly across from one of the large openings to the dining room, which you can see here:

It seemed redundant to have two tables basically staring at one another. I really wanted to build out seats under the side windows, but given the length of the side walls and that these sliding doors are the only access in the house to the backyard, they would have been tiny, uncomfortable window seats. In the process of figuring out what to do with this space, this little nook went from empty to a place for working on furniture projects, to a kids’ eating area, and then back to empty. It was about 2.5 years of living here before we found the chairs and decided to make it a sitting area.

sitting area in kitchen via

The chairs are from I found them when they were on sale + additional % off + 5% and free shipping for using my REDcard. It been awhile, but I believe I got both chairs for $80 total. The legs were originally dark brown which looked really out-of-place with the light grey and white fabric, so I spray painted them white. We’ve had them for a while now and the kids bump them and bang their toys on them, but the paint hasn’t chipped or anything. Win! The table between the chairs is from World Market. I have a love/hate relationship with it. I love the table, but it’s the wrong size for the space. We tried a smaller, shorter table there, but it didn’t look right at all, so for now we’re just living with this one. Table issues aside, I can not tell you how great it is to have a sitting area in the kitchen. Michael and I often sit there drinking coffee in the morning. It’s also a nice place for company to sit and chat while we’re cooking dinner or whatnot.

The bamboo shades are from Home Depot. Those windows are long and narrow, so I’m happy we were able to find blinds to fit! The rod suspending the curtains on the sliding door is actually a closet rod! It was in the closet that we turned into a library. It was a very unappealing brown color. I spray painted it in a matte white color and then sanded it to add some distressing.

closet rod turned curtain rod via

The finials are ceramic knobs from Anthropology! I wish I could remember the name… And of course, I don’t have any extra to just take a picture of…  But I used a metal doodad that you hammer into the wood and it then allows you to screw the finial into the rod. I’ll do some sleuthing and update the post when I find out the name of said doodad. The curtains are Lenda panels from Ikea. I found a stencil at Hobby Lobby and used left over paint samples mixed with fabric medium (Martha Stewart brand) to hand-stencil the pattern on them. The wall color, in case you are wondering, is Greek Villa by Sherwin Williams. (You can get all the details on our paint colors on the Our Paint Color Page.) 

Here’s a view of the sunroom while standing in the kitchen looking towards the living room.

sitting area in kitchen via

That door leads to under-the-stairs storage. I wish I could say it’s really cool, but the ceiling in there is so low it practically makes it a tunnel. The papers on the wall are images of plates. I want to put a plate gallery with our silhouettes on the plates on that wall. I’m hoping it will add a little color to our very neutral kitchen + sunroom. Brief note on the papers: I often print out inspiration photos or photos of things I would like to do and tape them to the wall. It helps us visualize what it would look like in the space and decide if that’s really what we want there. It’s also rewarding to take the photo down when you’ve actually completed the project.

You can also see the desk in the photo above. In the photo is look nice and neat, but currently it’s a hot mess. The color of the desk is what our original cabinets were — well, most of them. There were a few non-matching ones. I have NO idea what to do with that desk colorwise. We’d would like to paint it, but I don’t want to paint it white like the other cabinets, because I want to set it apart as it’s own area. It currently matches the banisters, but we really hope to restain those to a darker, almost black color one day. I’m just not sure what color would play well with the rest of the room while also going with the black top. I’d love to hear any of your suggestions!

I think I finally have enough plates for the plate wall, so that’s what I hope to be working on this week. We’ll share when it’s done – hopefully the beginning of next week!

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  • Reply Jody Powell June 15, 2015 at 2:43 pm

    Aptly named. And it looks very inviting. Smart move to paint the chair legs white. The curtains look great! What a neat touch to a plain piece of fabric.

    • Reply Blair June 15, 2015 at 5:28 pm

      Thanks, Mrs. Jody! I’m actually changing the curtains. It’s too white in there. I plan to use the same type of curtains, but a different stencil and paint color. I have all the stuff to do it, I just need to stop dragging my feet!

  • Reply Vanessa Garza June 24, 2015 at 10:27 pm

    Maybe paint the desk a version of the color you choose for the curtains in the sunroom to pull the color out a little more, just at thought;)

    • Reply Blair June 24, 2015 at 10:46 pm

      Thanks, Vanessa! That’s a great idea. I plan to paint the curtains with a deep purple / plum color, so I’m not sure that will work on the desk, but we’ll definitely keep it as a possibility!

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