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Oh, the Places We’ll Go

May 18, 2015

I wasn’t really sure what to post about today. It’s not that we haven’t done anything over the weekend, we have, it just seems like we are all over place. Michael was out-of-town last week from Tuesday to Saturday, thus I really was all over the place. By Wednesday night, I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it to Saturday. (That’s a little clue as to why we didn’t have a post on Friday.) Double high fives to all of you single parents, or parents who have spouses that are frequently away from home. I am not worthy.

Thankfully, Saturday did come, and we all made it there in one piece. Saturday, before noon, the kids and I went to the airport to pick up Michael. His flight was delayed, so they found ways to entertain themselves while we waited.

the airport with kids

Somewhere in the blur of Saturday, I went to Hancock Fabrics to get elastic to go with the fabric I picked up from Hobby Lobby to make crib sheets for Eleanor.

fold-over elastic via

Her crib is from Ikea, and while it was a good buy, I hate that the mattress is not a standard size. This means we can only either buy Ikea sheets, which are quite underwhelming, or make our own sheets. Before she was born, I did attempt to make two crib sheets for her bed. I completely messed up on the first attempt, and was not able to use that fabric at all. The second one turned out great, but it’s the only crib sheet she has. (Yes, we brought an infant home with only one crib sheet.) At some point, I did break down and purchase a set of sheets from Ikea, but I picked the wrong size. All that to say, when we were working on the playroom, I saw fabric at Hobby Lobby that I wanted to use to make a crib sheet for Eleanor.

I ended up buying two fabrics. I loved the chevron one, and Eleanor wouldn’t let go of the floral one after I showed it to her. I can tell you that I successfully made two crib sheets yesterday. What! What!

Ikea crib sheets

I also stopped by Michael’s on Saturday and picked up a wreath form. I am not making a wreath. No, no. I am doing something far more unexpected. A while ago, I shared wanting to get the Finn Pedant light from Pottery Barn Teen for The Library. I also shared about how I couldn’t bring myself to purchase it, because the shipping and handling charges were e-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e. I picked up this wreath form:

To use to DIY a knock off version of the Finn Pendant! I am going to reconstruct the light that use to be in office before we turned it into playroom. I picked up a ceiling cap and chain from Lowe’s yesterday afternoon.

light supplies |

In between sewing crib sheets, I started spray painting the green wreath form and the bronze ceiling cap black. I haven’t completely finished the how-to plan for this knock off, but it’s what I intend to work on this week, so I’m hoping to have all the details and a finished light before the week is over.

While at Michael’s I also found these:

use keyholes on dummy drawers via

(One is not missing. I forgot to take a picture of the package until after I had already used the one I wanted.)

I have been searching for keyholes for a dummy drawer in our bathroom for a while now. We updated the bathroom late last year, (see Home Tour), and I didn’t want to add a knob to that drawer, because people, including us when not paying attention, were always inadvertently pulling the dummy drawer off the cabinet.

These didn’t really match the other hardware, so after picking the one I wanted to use, I tried to use vinegar and lemon oil to tarnish it a bit.

vinegar and essential oils did not tarnish this keyhole via

After letting it sit for about 30 minutes, it was clear that neither the vinegar nor the lemon oil were working. Plan B it was! Plan B was using my gold and black paint markers. Initially, I thought the paint markers would be too bright, but they worked out perfectly! I used the black marker first then I added the gold. I didn’t wait for the black paint to dry before adding the gold, and I think that is what made it work – that or I didn’t wipe the vinegar off completely.

using black and gold paint markers to age metal via

Here it is installed on the dummy drawer:

use a keyhole on dummy drawer front via

I colored in the “hole” with the black paint marker rather than trying to cut out an actual hole. (Eventually, we’d love to completely remodel our master bathroom, so it didn’t seem necessary to get all elaborate with a vanity we hope to replace in the future.)

Airport to crib sheets, to pendant lights, to bathroom drawers – like I said all over the place. I plan to share about making the crib sheets on Wednesday, and I hope to share a finished light with you before the end of the week. Fingers crossed!


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