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Definitely Not an Office Anymore |ORC: Week 3

April 16, 2015

It’s week three of the One Room Challenge! The One Room Challenge was created by Linda from Various bloggers are working hard to complete an entire room makeover in six weeks. If you haven’t checked out the other participants yet, you should! There are some amazing things being shared here.

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As a side note, I did not realize how short six weeks can feel. Apparently, we typically complete projects at a snail’s pace. Trying to get all of this done in six weeks, feels like we are hurdling through a black hole! (I watched Interstellar over the weekend.)

At the start of this room makeover we had decided to move the Expedit shelf to the garage to use for storage. In the end, however, we ended up selling it. So, all of the meticulously organized things you see on that shelf in this photo:

DSC_0123are all over the floor:

the mess

We also sold our Besta + filing unit. We came to terms with the fact that we needed to move the desk from the window to that wall. It made the most sense in terms of layout, because the (future) shelves and the desk were coming together to make a corner and not leaving room for much else.


Well, all of the things that were in that cabinet and on the shelves above it ended up in a corner on the living room floor, or on the dining room table. Complete and utter chaos going on here. At least, for the sake of my sanity, we were able to find a home for the files, which I wrote about here.

If you remember our plan from this mood board:

mood boardWe were wanting to do industrial-like shelves. The only way we were going to have shelves like that and stay anywhere near our budget was to DIY them. We have gone through so many different design ideas in the last two weeks, my head is still spinning. We first considered making pipe shelves. DIY pipe shelves are trending lately, and definitely have the industrial look, but they can cost an arm and a leg to make. So, we planned to do something like this instead:



However, those brackets are NOT cheap. I can’t remember how much it was going to cost for the wall system and the brackets, but I remember it was too much. One of the workers at Home Depot gave us a tip on how to do the pipe shelves on the cheap. (Eep!) So, we went home and made a new plan for shelves using iron pipes. We were really hoping that the shelves would be finished, and we could share all about them and a tutorial. But alas, between waiting for stain and poly to dry and not having the right hole saw, the only things we have on the wall are brackets and a whole lot of pencil marks.

brackets for shelves

We did finally pick and order a couch! We went with this one:

playroom sofa


I do wish it had actual arms (those are just pillows), but it does have storage under the seat, so it was a trade-off we were willing to make. We did site-to-store pickup, and it’s supposed to be ready today. Once we get the couch, then I can use it to store some of the stuff that is all over the floor. Fingers crossed it comes in today!

Other than that, I have been gathering things from stores and up-cycling things we already own. I used an old shirt and Emerson’s old crib mattress to make two throw pillows. I made the glasses + mustache decal with my Silhouette machine and iron on vinyl that I had lying around. (I used the same method as mentioned here.)

pillows from sheets and tshirts

I want to make a lot of pillows. What’s a playroom without enough pillows to make pillow forts? I also plan to make two large poufs for the floor. With less than three weeks to go, I’m nothing if not ambitious, right?

Here’s what we do have done:

art space-Blair

I used wall paper scraps to recover the edges of this white board, and then covered it with left over adhesive chalkboard paper. (This thing has had so many different lives. It used to be one side of a red and yellow chalkboard / whiteboard easel. I painted it white, cut it up and made it a separate board a few years ago.)

wallpaper wrapped chalkboard

The shelf, brackets, cork board squares, and bird paper clips are things we already owned. I picked up the white caddy on sale at Michael’s. I’m still working on this space. I’m not sure if I like where everything is right now, but it’s the most “completed” space in the room at the moment. Once we get the sofa in place and the shelves up, I can really start putting everything together.

I’ll leave you with this little hodgepodge of all the things waiting to be put in place:

all the things all the things2

Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to stop by Calling It Home to see all the other participants.

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  • Reply Erin @ the-organized-life April 21, 2015 at 5:16 pm

    Things always seem to get messy before they come together. You’re doing some great things for this space.

    • Reply Blair April 21, 2015 at 8:50 pm

      So true, Erin! Thanks!

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