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March 27, 2015

A few months ago, my mom came to town and offered to watch the kids for a weekend. It was the first time Michael and I had a kid-free 24 hours in almost 6 years! Saying it was much-needed is an understatement. (Thanks, mom!) We didn’t do anything extravagant on our little va-k. We watched a movie, ate at our favorite downtown restaurant, tried a new coffee shop, tried a place that served amazing gluten-free pizza – we still salivate when thinking about how great that pizza was. We even got to rent a hotel room, which felt incredibly fancy considering our own house was about 20 minutes down the road. It was our first time staying at Lone Star Court, and I must say, it did not disappoint. Their lobby / waiting area was remarkable. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any photos of that area. I was too busy trying to refrain from petting the bookcases, leather chairs, and record player. However, you can see a glimpse of it here:



The room was just as inspiring. I could not believe how much function and furniture they fit in a standard size hotel room.



I just stood in the middle of the room for a while, the wheels inside my head spinning as I tried to dissect everything I was seeing. The next morning, when Michael and I woke up, the first thing I said to him was, “You know, I think we can do a layout like this in our room.”

A little back story: Our house has 4 bedrooms (upstairs) and a bonus room (downstairs). We discussed all the possibilities for that bonus room. We decided that an office / craft room would be the best use for it. We even had a glass top cut for the desk to protect it from frequent crafting use.


(You can see more photos on the Home Tour Page)

Truth be told, however, not much crafting gets done in that room. It usually happens at the dining room table. The desk, while long, is too skinny to be used for most projects. Additionally, Michael started working from home last year, so he is using that space from 8am – 5pm. The office shares a wall with the entrance and another with the living room; the same wall on which the TV is mounted. The wall sharing + the three rambunctious children that live here have us reconsidering this space. We’ve been discussing for the last month or so about putting a desk in our bedroom, so Michael could work with less chaos happening right outside his door. I wasn’t sold on how a desk would work in our bedroom (even though I suggested it) until seeing the room at Lone Star Court.

Furniture-wise we really only have a bed, two small (temporary) night stands, and a dresser in our room. There is large expanse of wall to the right of bed which you can see (somewhat) in this photo:


On the other side of the room is another empty wall. It’s not as long as the other wall, but it’s large enough to be significant.


We’ve wanted to put a sitting area with a chaise in the room for a while now, but neither of us could ever really visualize how that would work. I was really smitten with the functionality of the hotel room. Not only did it have a workspace, but it also had a sitting area with a coffee table to boot! Problem solved! Sort of. While we’re inspired with the layout of the hotel room, we still have to translate that to our space. They had the desk under the television. We currently have our television on a dresser.


We are planning on selling the dresser once we finish out our closet with Ikea wardrobes (some day). I think that having the TV right above the desk would cause it to be all-up-in-Michael’s-face. He thinks it would be fine. For the time being, we would use the desk we currently have in the office, but once we save up enough money we would like to purchase a different one that is more suited for the space. Once we were sold on moving the desk, we began to wonder what we should do with a desk-less office.

Admittedly, I wanted to keep the current desk in there and just buy a new one for Michael to use in the bedroom. I love our office. I love that we have an office. I have dreams of going in there, closing the doors, sitting at the desk, and working (read: wasting time) to my heart’s content. Yep. Stop the music. This is something that is never going to happen. I have 2 small children at home all day + an 8-year-old that comes along after 3pm. I can’t go anywhere and close the door –  not even the bathroom! Still, I was struggling to accept the loss of my well planned, albeit rarely used space. I mean, look at it!


It’s the last time you’ll see it like that. It was after the arch of my foot took the brunt of a Transformer (again) that I finally came to terms. If we stopped using that space as an office and turned it into a playroom, then we could corral the children and their ridiculous amount of toys in there. And if we converted the doors into dutch doors, then I could keep them in there when needed (e.g. when I’m mopping), but still keep an eye on them. This photo of a dining room converted to a homeschooling room sealed the deal:



Wall to wall shelves for toys and craft storage, desks by the window for drawing and creating, a colorful couch for lounging… I loved everything about this room, and how easy it would be to transform our space likewise. I may or may not have had a little maniacal laugh moment.

Along the lines of rethinking / switching up rooms, Akira and Eleanor’s rooms also came into play. We originally wanted Akira and Eleanor to share a room (in about a year or two), which would free up one room to be used as a guest room. However, the more we thought about their age difference the more we realized that might not be the best idea.  We did, however, conclude that it would be a good idea to switch Akira and Eleanor’s rooms.


(Akira’s room)


(Eleanor’s room)

Given the angle, it might not look like it, but Eleanor’s room is bigger than Akira’s. It would give Akira more space to spread out, and a privilege for being the eldest. As parents, that’s not enough reason to switch the girls’ rooms, but it is enticing for Akira. Eleanor is sleeping through the night, so we don’t need her as close to our room as when we were making 1am jaunts to see about her. We also wouldn’t have to worry as much about noise waking her, if we move her to Akira’s room which is a back bedroom. Additionally, having Akira’s room closer to ours as she gets older and turns into that moody teenager that I’ve heard rumors about, will probably be beneficial to us as parents.

Switching their rooms doesn’t solve our guest room problem, but we are looking into sofas that convert into beds for the soon-to-be playroom. So far we have landed on this option from Ikea. (I swear we don’t buy many things from Ikea, but all the references lately would probably lead you to believe otherwise.) Although, I don’t like that it has a chaise. I feel as though that would take up too much space. The chaise does have storage, however, so that’s why it’s still being considered. We would definitely want to find something closer to the $300 mark, though. We do need do some serious saving before we can start buying furniture – or some miraculous DIYing. In the meantime, we’re making mood boards and doing the stuff that doesn’t cost anything, like moving the desk to our bedroom. We’ll share more of our plans for each space, hopefully, next week. If you’d like to see what we are considering before next week, you can click over to Akira’s room board and the playroom board on our Pinterest page.

I hope you all have a great weekend. We have a busy one ahead of us. We’re taking Akira and a few of her friends ride the Metro Rail to downtown for dinner.

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