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Mulch Much?

June 15, 2015

Am I the only one that didn’t realize what a difference mulch makes? We mulched the flower beds in our front yard over the weekend and — whoah!

This is what the beds looked like pre-mulch (after we had moved some of the plants forward):


And this is what the beds look like with mulch:


Hello! Look at that! $25 worth of mulch and it looks like we actually have some sort of plan going on out there. We still need to power wash the house, so forgive the 5 o’clock shadow. (FYI: The rocks that we put down to help stop the dirt from splashing onto the house when it rains are working out great!) Last year we only got around to mulching in the backyard and it didn’t seem to make that much of a difference visually, so I’m not sure why it’s such a big deal out here in the front yard.

For anyone interested, we used Texas Native Hardwood Cedar Mulch; which we found at Lowe’s. The cedar smell is pretty strong. Michael likes it, I think it smells like hamster bedding. Nonetheless, we picked the cedar one in hopes that it will ward off any unwanted insects.


In other front-yard-landscaping news, the blue fescue that we planted and talked about here never had a chance. We didn’t realize it until we watched this video on youtube about how to grow fescue from seeds. The sprouts are so thin and delicate that the sun most certainly scorched them. So I started new seeds in an empty egg carton. It’s been almost two weeks since I planted them. I was starting to think they would never grow. I even started mulling over other plants to use for edging. But today I saw the tiny, thin blades starting to emerge from beneath the soil!

blue fescues | here-lately.com

Assuming we don’t kill these or Louie doesn’t eat them, we’ll have 12 fescues to use for the border out front. Send some green thumb vibes our way!

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