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May 4, 2015

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to share some gift ideas with any of you other last-minute shoppers. Moms are nothing if not all about giving. Show her that her spirit of generosity has rubbed off on you with a gift that also gives to those in need. Each gift is under $50, and is not only a gift for your mom, but also gives a portion of your purchase to charity.

Michael bought this tote for me on my very first Mother’s Day:


$35 /

It zips up into a burlap pouch. I’ve used it for grocery shopping, and after 8 years, it hasn’t even had a loose thread! The purchase of this bag provides 100 Vitamin A supplements to those in need. Find it here.

Another option is the Feed 10 tote.


$25 /

This one doesn’t zip up, but it does come with a pouch. Every purchase provides 10 school meals to children in need. Find it here.

If you’re mom loves candles, this might be the gift for her.

white tea candle

$36 /

I love the water-color embellished vase. The candle pictured is White Tea scented, but there are many other scents / colors. For every candle purchased, Hand in Hand saves 50 square feet of rainforest, donates 1 bar of soap, and 1 month of clean water to a child in the developing world to help reduce deadly water related illness. They also have beautiful soaps, lip balms and gift baskets all for under $50! Find the candle here.

Have you heard about the #HonorYourMom campaign? I hadn’t, but it’s kind of awesome.


Hosted by Samahope, the #HonorYourMom campaign crowdfunds doctors performing medical care for mothers in developing countries. You upload a photo of you and your mom with a caption about why you think she is amazing, and make a donation in here name. Samahope will create a dedication page for your mom and send her a personalized post card in the mail for Mother’s Day. You can find out more information and participate here.

Perhaps, your mom enjoys wine? (I mean, really, what mom doesn’t enjoy wine?) ONEHOPE gives half of the profits of every bottle sold to one of their partner causes.

one hope wines

$49 /

The gift box pictured above is the Pink 365 gift box. It’s $49 and comes with a bottle of Chardonnay and a coconut wax candle. Half of the profits from this box will be donated to researching the fight against breast cancer. My favorite thing about ONEHOPE is they give back to a variety of charities, so you have multiple choices when it comes to where you send your support. You can find the Pink 365 gift box here. Be sure to check out their single bottles, as well. If your mom is more of a coffee or tea drinker, they also have those options. Check out ONEHOPE coffee.

Our tradition for the last few years has been to let the children pick out a potted plant to “gift” to me for Mother’s Day. It’s fun. They get to choose it themselves, and then we come home and plant them together. I love it, because they last longer than bouquets. (We also try to get perennials so we can enjoy the flowers for more than one season.) If your mom loves flowers and/or NYC this might be the gift for her:


$50 / Central Park Conservancy

For a minimum donation of $50, the Central Park Conservancy will plant daffodils, tulips or mums in Central Park in honor of your mother. You can’t specify the location and there is no physical plaque accompanying your flowers, but it’s still pretty cool! (They do send your mom a certificate indicating the flowers planted and the date.)

I hope some of these ideas have tickled your fancy. Please be mindful that I conducted my own research into these companies to validate their giving. However, that research was not wholly extensive. I encourage you to do your own research. It’s helpful to be mindful of where your money is going – especially when you are hoping to use it to help others. I would also encourage you to be mindful of friends or family members that have lost children, their mother, are unable to bare children, or those that have stepped in to care for others (related or not). Motherhood is such complex and wonderful endeavor. It comes in many forms, one no less important than the others.

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