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June 8, 2015

A few friends and I flew to Sacramento, CA over the weekend to witness one of our best friends’ wedding. It was a gorgeous celebration and a momentous occasion. Unfortunately, we couldn’t afford for the 5 of us to all go, so Michael graciously stayed here in Austin with the kids. Despite wishing they could come, I had some pretty amazing travel companions. We left Austin at 6:50am Friday and, at least 2 of us, were back in Austin by 3:30pm Sunday. It was Austin to Phoenix (layover) to Sacramento to San Francisco (day trip) to Denver (layover) back to Austin. I still don’t feel like I’m standing in one place.

I have a friend who always posts really fun airport shots before she travels. I thought I’d try it as well, so if you follow us on Instagram you probably saw this photo:

lately at

Despite the early flights and plane changes, I really enjoyed the traveling. I grabbed a Nancy Drew book from our library — we could a make a drinking game out of how many times we reference The Library. Anyway. Yes, I brought a Nancy Drew book to read. No, I hadn’t read it before. It was a weekend getaway, so no apologies for letting my inner 12-year-old pick out the book.

The wedding was Saturday morning, leaving us free time for the rest of the day before we had to fly out early Sunday morning. We drove to San Francisco and the hilarity ensued.

Pier 39 in San Fran via

I’ve been there before, but everyone else had not. I knew that it would be slightly colder than Sacramento, but it was freezing!  We hit up Pier 39, had dinner there, then grabbed a cab with a hilarious driver, went for a drink, got lost on the steepest streets I’ve ever seen, and had conversations about street art that had me laughing so hard my voice was hoarse the next morning. (We thought this sign was hilarious for some reason. But isn’t everything when it’s 1am?)

We got back to Sacramento really late and woke up really early to catch our plane. On the way to Austin we had a layover in Denver — because apparently the song is true that you gotta gotta get up to get down. This was the view out of the window flying into Denver:

Denver via

“Oh, hey, Mountains. Can we be friends, because I freaking love you!” I may have said that aloud. The guy next to me was sleeping, so he’ll never know.

We had a longer layover in Denver, so we decided to grab a bite to eat at Root Down. The decor was so fun. The glass top bar was built out of old plane parts and open, vintage suitcases.

Root Down Restaurant in Denver

There were also plane compasses decorating parts of the wall. I got quite a few ideas for Emerson’s room. Speaking of Emerson, somehow in my delirium I came up with a great souvenir idea for him. He wants to be a pilot when he grows up,  (it sounds like pirate when he says it), so I asked the pilot of our plane to sign a postcard for him.

SW pilot signing postcard via

I was so excited that he said yes! I almost didn’t ask, because I didn’t think he would have time or that I was supposed to be anywhere near the cockpit when deboarding the plane. I plan to get a two-picture frame and frame the card and the photo I took of the pilot signing it for him. In case you’re wondering, he wrote, “Hi, Emerson. I hope to see you here at Southwest one day.” (He signed his name, but I couldn’t make it out it.)

If I wasn’t excited enough that I had a gift I knew Emerson would love, we also ran into the bride and groom in Denver! What are the odds?! They were on their way to Panama for their honeymoon and we were on our way back to Austin!  Legitimate happy coincidence. 

But now it’s back to reality, and as Michael posted on Wednesday, our plan to start saving money on our mortgage, we have a whole slew of things to get done.

What about you guys? Did anyone else do any traveling over the weekend? Have any of your own happy coincidences? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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