Latelies: Weekend Wonders

September 29, 2015

Well, hello!

Even though we’re in the bowels of a bathroom renovation (I sound thrilled, right?), I wanted to share a little non-DIY update. Mostly, I just wanted to try out this nifty gallery slider that our new theme came with. Click through the images at the top!

Michael was out-of-town for a work conference this weekend, so there wasn’t much bathroom work getting done. I took the kids to a birthday party on Saturday, where they took full advantage of the petting zoo. They were all pretty much in love with the baby bunnies. How cute is Eleanor? Smitten, but still cautious. I recently told Eleanor she was a stinker. There was a short moment of silence, and then she said, “No. I the bees.” We call her Ella-bees and Bees a lot, I guess the nickname is starting to stick.

That stack of round, white things in the slider is medallions! Yep! I finally had enough change to order more medallions for the ceiling in our library! And then there is a picture of Michael working away in the bathroom by the light of a lamp. Yep. I had a mini-breakdown yesterday about how long the smallest room in our house is taking to finish. So Michael, being the dear heart that he is, stayed up extra late last night hanging and re-hanging planks. (He’s just as ready as me to be finished with bathroom; maybe even more than me.) And since there wasn’t enough room for both of us in the bathroom, I pulled out the fall decor and started working on a table centerpiece. That candle is pumpkin-chestnut scented and it is divine. Now if we could just get some autumn weather here in Texas…


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