Latelies: Weekend Update

August 10, 2015

We’ve been quite the busy bees this weekend!

We changed the plan on how we were going to fix the holes in our master bedroom about 3 times, but we finally settled on a plan and got to work!

We’re just waiting on the spackle to dry, before we can sand, spray texture and paint.

I’ve been working on the photos for packing tips post!

how to pack efficiently via

I spent the day photographing and then magnetic lassoing each article of clothing in photoshop. It was tedious, but I think the results are worth it! The plan is to have that posted on Wednesday.

Speaking of clothing… Despite having very different wardrobes, Michael and I have been inadvertently dressing like one another, and it’s been going way beyond just matching. I had Akira take this photo of us after church yesterday, when I realized we were practically wearing the same outfit:

Neither of us noticed until we got home. Pretty soon we’ll just be the same person.

And just to prove it’s never a dull moment here…

I found Eleanor rubbing diaper cream all over her face and arms yesterday. She was hiding behind one of the curtains. At first, I thought she was playing hiding seek, but she was too quiet. Nothing sets off the mom-alarms like a quiet toddler. She was so proud of herself, too. To her credit, she was squeezing a little out at a time and then putting it on her face. So… Upside, we didn’t have a mess anywhere other than her face?

Clothes, diaper cream, spackle — Yep, we’re living it up here lately.

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