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Ice, Ice Baby?

October 28, 2015

Ever open the fridge to find that everything is room temperature? I can tell you, it’s not what I was expecting when I hobbled down to the kitchen with my eyes half open to start making breakfast one Saturday, about 2 weeks ago. We quickly tried to salvage what we could, as fast as we could. Thankfully, we were in dire need of groceries, so we didn’t lose much and everything fit into one ice chest.

ice ice baby |

Michael and I have been talking about wanting a new refrigerator for the last 2 years now. When we bought the fridge for this house, we really didn’t know what we were doing. We saved money by buying it at a Sears Outlet (it was discounted because of a few minor scratches and dents), and we loved it, but it was too big for our space. Width wise it fit, but it stuck out a lot from the wall, and really narrowed the walking space between itself and the island. Michael and I both found it really annoying. There was a constant dance that went on in the kitchen when it came to navigating that pathway. “Oh, sorry, I didn’t know you were going that way. Wait… Okay, you go this way and I’ll — Oh, you already started to go — I’ll just — No, you…” Annoying.

Still, we decided that wanting a few more inches of walking space didn’t justify buying a new fridge. Thankfully (?), the refrigerator made the decision for us when it kicked the bucket. We have a home warranty, which we’ve renewed every year since buying the home, so first we called our warranty company. Then we called a repairman, who never showed up. Then we called another repairman, who didn’t answer. We gave up and decided to wait until Monday. On Monday we called another repairman, he said he didn’t on work LG refrigerators, but he referred us to someone who did. Finally, we found someone to look at it! He thought it was a minor problem over the phone, but then when he got here, he realized it was the compressor and the relay switch, which was kind of a big problem. The repair was going to cost more than our warranty company would pay for replacement cost, so they just cashed it out. It wasn’t what a new fridge would cost, but every little bit counts, right?

Since we had to get a new fridge, we decided to do it right this time. Thus began the search for a counter depth fridge. FYI, counter depth fridges are way more expensive than standard ones. Thankfully (again ?), our fridge died on Labor Day weekend, so there were a few sales going on. We ended up purchasing a counter depth, Frigidaire from Home Depot. It was on sale (more than it is now), and they were offering interest free financing. We went with that brand because it was the cheapest, had great reviews, and the stainless steel is smudge proof. We have a Frigidaire range, which is also smudge proof, and we love it!

Visually there isn’t much different between our new fridge and our old one.

Old fridge:

ice ice baby |

New Fridge:

when you're forced to buy a new fridge |

Oh, but what a difference there is! The new fridge fit so much better in the space! Two people can actually pass now, side-by-side, between the fridge and the island. It’s life changing! We did sacrifice some storage space by getting a counter depth fridge, but we never used most of the space in the old fridge anyway, so…  The new fridge also has nifty features, like a wine holder! We’re not really wine drinkers, but my genius husband discovered it’s the perfect place to store the egg carton. What! What!

So yeh, if you’re wondering why we haven’t finished the bathroom yet, it’s because we’ve been dealing with things like a broken fridge. C’est la via!

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