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March 23, 2015

Am I the only one who goes to a store for one thing, and then ends up leaving with multiple other things, too? This happened when I went to Michael’s recently, to look for a picture frame for The Library. I rarely go to Michael’s, but I think I may start going more often. They are really stepping up their game!



How awesome is this vintage window wall shelf?! Curvy windows are my thing, so needless to say, I was won over immediately. Not to mention, it’s white, which means it would go with anything. Given it’s size and weight, I was surprised to see that it had brackets on the back to hang it on a wall. I suppose if it was hung on studs it would work, but I would still be apprehensive about it. Nonetheless, I very much wanted to take it home. At $159.95 and no idea where I would put it, however, it had to stay. Womp. Womp.

Right next to the wall shelf were these amazing letters.


Each letter was a different color, and had a different metal embellishment ($14.95). I’ve been looking for something to hang on Akira’s door, and I thought this A was really cute. I didn’t end up buying it, however. I liked it, but I didn’t love it.

Another cool thing, were these solar mason jar lids.


I’ve seen a lot of projects on Pinterest using mason jars as lights. The lids seemed to be standard size, so I am assuming they would fit any mason jar. $5 a lid could add up quickly, but Michael’s almost always has 40% off coupon on its website.

They also had these marquee letters, for any one who may be looking for something on the industrial side. I wanted to get one for Emerson’s room, but they were all out of Es.


I did find an E in these guys, though!


I have a plethora of craft paper that I knew would be perfect to use to customize these marquee letters. I also thought it would be a fun project for Akira and I to do together. I used my phone and found a “30% off your entire purchase” coupon on Michael’s website. With coupon in hand, one A and one E went straight into my cart. (I’m still deciding if I want to do this for Eleanor’s room, that’s why I only picked up one E.) Akira was really excited to decorate her letter. She asked me about it all week. We finally got to work on it on Saturday.

The kit comes with the letter, a string of battery operated LEDs, bulb caps, and a letter template. Not bad for $12.99!


We started by using craft paint to paint the letter. Once it dried enough to be handled, I used a gold paint pen to outline the edge while Akira sorted through her paper choices.

4 peat

She narrowed it down to these three choices:


She ended up choosing the one on the far right, because she liked the hearts in the mason jar and the ice cream cone.

I loved that this kit was well-thought-out. It was so easy to just trace the template onto the paper and then cut it out. Akira used a hole punch to cut out the holes for the lights.


Once we had everything cut and punched, I shimmied the paper onto the letter. It was the perfect size, but it was a bit snug, so it took a little maneuvering. With the paper in place, I took the letter into the garage and sprayed it with Krylon Satin Finish for added protection.


Next, I pushed the bulb caps through the front, and then Akira pushed the lights through on the other side.

4 peat 2

Of course, the fun part is turning it on.


How great is that? All in all, it took about 45 minutes to make, and most of that time was waiting for things to dry. I can’t believe it only cost $12 – well, even less after the 30% off coupon. I especially love how one of the bulbs lined up perfectly with the camera lens. Akira is also very pleased with it. We did hang it on her door (via a Command Hook), but it had to be taken down to turn it off or on and then rehung. So for now, she has it on her night stand. I plan to make the E for Emerson’s room as soon as I get a little extra time.

When we weren’t crafting, we were raking, planting a few bulbs (only because they had been sitting in the garage), and switching up a few things around the house. We’ll share more on the great switch-a-roo later this week. Happy Monday, friends!

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