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April 6, 2015

I don’t know what happened at your house this weekend, but it was a little nuts here! It was a weekend of getting a lot done and nothing done all at the same time. I’ll run you through the highlights. I’m too tired to relive the entire weekend again!

On Friday, Michael rescued these beauties while on his lunch break:


I found them on Craigslist. They were listed for $90. That’s not pocket change, but I’ve been looking for night stands with drawers for our bedroom for almost two years now. Michael’s nose crinkled and his lip curled up when I first showed them to him, but when I explained that I planned to paint them and change the drawer pulls then he got on board. That campaign hardware, though! Gorgeous!

On Saturday, we made a futile trip to Home Depot to get materials to build the shelves for the playroom. It was way too close to dinner time, and we didn’t plan out the shelves like we should have. I’m sure you’re hear all about it on Thursday. Hopefully, we’ll have a plan by then.

Yesterday, Sunday, we celebrated Easter. After church, the kids enjoyed hunting for their Easter presents. That’s right. We make them work for their gifts! We typically do it in the backyard, but it was raining outside so we made do in the living room. We hide plastic eggs with candy in addition to a few small gifts for each of them. It’s something we started doing 3 years ago, and they love it.


We also do a mash-up of two traditions. In Louisiana I grew up pacqueing eggs (Whaaa? Read here.) for Easter, while Michael grew up smashing confetti eggs on his cousins’ heads. So, we pacque with confetti eggs. The loser gets their confetti egg smashed on their head. Akira beat every single one of us with her egg. She took out 23 eggs!


This is the aftermath of playing with confetti eggs inside the house:


We also got around to hanging Michael’s guitars. (He used to be in a band. He doesn’t have time to play them much anymore, but I won’t let him sell them.) They were hanging in the office, but we moved them to our bedroom when we moved the desk from the office. They’re not hard to hang. We found the center of the wall, eyeballed how high the middle one should be, and then Michael secured the bracket to the wall. For the other two, we measured 27″ out from the side of the middle guitar.


After he hung the first one, he started telling me how we should fill the entire wall with guitars. “We could make it look like Guitar Center!” I love to see him excited about things, but I do not want to sleep in Guitar Center.



We also started working on a coffee table for the living room.


So far, the project has been absolutely free. I do expect us to spend about $10 on four leg plates, but a coffee table for $10 is still a win in my book! We plan to share the details and finished project with you on Wednesday.

But it wasn’t all egg hunts and musical melodies this weekend. There was also tragedy.


This was my favorite bowl. I bought it a few years ago at Tj Maxx. This bowl inspired our entire kitchen color scheme. It also did a great job of holding fruit. While I was helping Michael hang the guitars, Emerson went downstairs to get an apple. That’s when we heard the loud crash of glass (or in this case ceramic) breaking. He had tried to get an apple and accidentally pulled the bowl off of the island as well. The most important thing is he wasn’t hurt. He kept apologizing and saying it was an accident. Sweet boy. I fully intend to find industrial strength glue and put this guy back together.


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  • Reply Rachel April 6, 2015 at 6:38 am

    Yesterday we unclogged a drain and frosted a window (not without some stress–John and Sherry never mentioned the difficulties of the corners!). I was going to make the faux roman shade, but the fabric I found on the JoAnn website wasn’t in the store, so I have to order it today. Oh, and I also switched out one of the half-bath’s knobs with John and Sherry’s clear hexagons. They look a little big but I’ll get used to them. Anyway, this sale had better go through!

  • Reply jgarrisi April 6, 2015 at 10:44 am

    those campaign nightstands are wonderful. You are correct that the pulls aren’t right for the style, but it hurts me a little to know you are going to paint over that beautiful mahogany! What is the history on the pieces? Are there any makers marks or dates on them?

  • Reply vconine55Vicki April 6, 2015 at 11:26 am

    I love watching this family I love on this blog! And what a treat to watch you guys learning so much, you aren’t afraid to try anything!! Give the kids my love and come on down! Btw love all the confetti!

    • Reply Blair April 6, 2015 at 12:35 pm

      Thank you, Vicki! We miss you guys and are long over due for a visit!

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