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Take a Seat: This is Going to Blow Your Mind!

December 19, 2015

About 3 years ago, we made our first grown-up purchase: our couch.

west elm dunham sofa via

We loved that couch! It was more money than we’d ever spent on any piece of furniture, but we truly believe that some things in your home, especially items that will be used everyday, should be an investment and be able to stand the test of time. We’ve never been big fans of “in the meantime” purchases. For us it just seems like a waste of money, we would rather save our pennies and be able to afford things that we really love and can see ourselves continuing to use in the long run, than buying things just for now. (I’m looking at you, 5-year-empty-spots where there should be dining room chairs!) You may have noticed the past tense in the previous sentence. We loved that couch… We had spent years saving up to get our Dunham couch, and we would even occasionally go into West Elm just to sit on that couch and pretend it was ours. However, what we weren’t told and didn’t realize until the couch was sitting in our living room was that the fabric we chose (brushed heathered cotton) was not suitable for cleaning with water-based products and the covers weren’t removable, either. Not ideal for a family with 3 small children and a cat. Honestly, I spent so much time telling the kids not to put their feet on the couch, or having a mini-heart attack if they would get up from the table before I could wipe their hands. Finally, I told Michael I couldn’t live like that anymore. I wanted to be able to relax, to have a people over, and not have to worry about what might get spilled on the couch.

Enter Lovesac. We first heard about Lovesac when we saw the sign for the store as we were going to dinner one night. I mean, it’s certainly an attention grabbing name. Michael and I were all like, “Lovesac? What’s that?” We walked by the window, and realized it was a furniture store. Well, alright then. Still intrigued, I looked them up online when we got home. Initially known for their giant, unbelievably comfortable bean bag like sacs (hence, the name), they’ve also gotten in on the sectional / modular furniture market. I can tell you, I was immediately smitten by their Sactionals. It was as if someone hit the play button on the Hallelujah Chorus. A couch that has covers that can be thrown in the washing machine? Yes! The covers on the sides and backs can be removed and washed, too? Yes!! You can change the look of your couch anytime just by buying new covers, and you can rearrange the couch to make it bigger, smaller, or whatever to fit your ever-changing life? Take my money!!!

So, we sold the couch we thought we loved, for our one true love, our Sacational:

Sacational review |

(Ignore Akira’s sock on the floor. We do real life here.)

Yes, it does look pretty similar to our other couch. What can I say? We have a type. But this couch is all separate pieces, that can be rearranged to everything from a loveseat to a queen guest bed! Did I mention the covers come off and can be thrown in the washing machine? All the covers. Including the bottoms and sides. Eeep! As if that weren’t enough, Lovesac also offers FREE shipping whether you buy the item in store or online. The day our Sactional came in was beautiful chaos.

Sactional Review |

Boxes! Boxes as far as the eye can see! And Louie, our resident supervisor, of course. I don’t remember how many boxes there were exactly – what’s pictured was probably only half of them – but for reference, we order the 5 sides + 4 seats combo. I can tell you, however, that Lovesac’s packing skills could give Ikea a run for their money! An entire couch fit into those skinny boxes! The seat cushions were packed into the bases and the hardware was packed under the seats.

Sacational Review |

This is what the bases look like without the covers:

Sactional Review |

Those slits that you see there are where the steel clamps (included in the hardware) fit to secure all the pieces together. Also included in the hardware is: wooden bases called shoes, 4 legs for each base that fit into the shoes (packaged already sitting in the shoe in the photo below), and adhesive felt pads to keep the shoes from scuffing up your floor.

Sactional Review |

Sactional Review |

After everything was unboxed (and the kids were in bed), we started putting the covers on the sides and bases. The seats and pillow covers have zippers, while the sides and bases covers are secured with the strongest Velcro that I have ever encountered.

Sactional Review |

The covers, especially the ones for the sides, fit pretty snugly, but that’s the dream, friends. I’m so happy that they fit snugly, and that it took both Michael and I to fit the seat cushions in the covers, because I wouldn’t want them to start looking all baggy and loose like 1998. We actually got the Sactional back in October (we’ve been testing it out so that we could write a thorough review) and I can tell you, the covers still look great! I even took one seat cover off and washed it after Eleanor decided to get all artsy on it with a marker. Not only did the marker come out, but it went back on the cushion just as tight and crisp as the day we got it!

Now the downside, if you can even call it that, is that the back pillows are a little bulky. And that is really only an issue because the back of the couch is straight, there is no recline to it. Obviously this is great for the long run, because it means the cushions will stay plush longer, but for the sake of comfort at the moment, we’ve thrown the pillows on the floor and told the kids to jump on them. They think it’s the greatest thing in the world, I think it depletes some of their energy (wishful thinking, I know) and I don’t have to worry about the cushions getting dirty, because I can just wash the covers! Or Heaven forbid, something awful happens that can’t be washed out, we can just replace the one cushion rather than the entire couch! I’ve heard a few people say, “Oh, yeh. Couch from XYZ has removable covers that can be changed.” Sure. But can XYZ couch be made bigger or smaller when you move into a new home with a different sized living space? Or turned into 4 separate chairs for game night? Or a queen bed for overnight guests?

Can your couch do this?

Seriously, the thing is like Legos: The Furniture Addition. You can find out more information on Lovesac’s Sactionals by clicking here, or visiting your local store. And FYI, they currently have a lot of promotions going on, so if you’re thinking of taking the plunge, do it while they still have things like 48 months no interest financing going on!