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A Quick and Easy Summer Table Centerpiece

June 29, 2015

Hey guys! I wanted to share a quick craft project that I did for our dining room table. Our dining room is very neutral. A whole lot of white and brown and not much else.

This was done somewhat on purpose. I wanted a neutral room that we could change easily with seasonal decorations. The “somewhat” is because I couldn’t come up with any other ideas. Unfortunately, with everything else we have going on, the room doesn’t get much attention as far as seasonal decorating goes. Just the thought of that makes me laugh. Sure, I have 3 kids, a laundry mountain, and an empty fridge, let me ignore all of that to seasonally decorate my dining room! Oh, life…

Nonetheless, I did find the time to make a new center piece for the table using a few things we already had. And when I say time, I really mean 15 minutes. That’s all the time I had to spare, and if it weren’t for the paint needing to dry, it probably would have taken even less time.

I used an old votive…


a left over sample of paint (Possibility by Valspar)…


some old corks (previously used in a lantern to decorate the table)…


and some faux succulents to make this:

summer table setting |


I snatched the succulents from a previous center piece using succulents and a ceramic pumpkin. If you don’t have a cat who loves to eat plants then this could also be done with real succulents.

Typically, I would have used Frog Tape to make a clean, crisp line for the paint, but we were out of it, so I just painted it freehand. And frankly, I like the soft curves of paint better in this case.


The hardest part was figuring out how to cut the corks into slices, so they would fit into the glass votive holders. I was trying to use a knife and was failing miserably when Michael came downstairs for his lunch break. (He works from home.) He took one look at what I was doing and said, “Why don’t you just use the loppers? The corks shouldn’t be any different than a branch.”

(Caution: Horribly grainy phone photos)


My innovative knight in shining armor, guys.


Michael cut the corks for me, and by the time he finished, the paint on the votive holder was dry. So I arranged the faux succulents and corks in the holder and put it on the table. It was a little drab, so I dressed it up with the ceramic bird (actually a salt shaker) and a gold charger that we already owned.


I would love to add place mats or something else to give it more color, but for now this will do. It was free, and less than 15 minutes, so this tired mama will take it!

Anyone making anything new with things you already own? I’d love to see your ideas!


Old School Craft Challenge

June 26, 2015

Jennifer, from Delightfully Noted, recently asked if anyone would be interested in participating in an “old school craft challenge”. Think Bedazzlers, Pony Beads, and Puffy Paint. Yes, please! Iย loveย 90s!

So it’s official! I’m one of the participants!



Michael is leaving this one all up to me (he has done a little brain storming with me). I really thought my mystery item would end up being a Bedazzler. It wasn’t. I got PONY BEADS!

I’m just happy it wasn’t Puffy Paint! I would have hadย no idea what to do with Puffy Paint. Although, I do feel like I’ll need to find a Bedazzler at some point in my life, because I did come up with, what I think, is a great idea for that one.

I really want to win this challenge. The prizes are awesome! T-shirts, cute headbands, jewelry… the list goes on. You can check out all the prizes and details on the challenge here. Project reveals andย VOTING start the week of July 12th, which means I need you to vote for me. Yep. Already asking for votes and you don’t even know what I’m bringing to the challenge. Like a true politician, no? I kid.

I’ll be posting a few sneak peeks via Instagram, so be sure to follow along; it’s going to be so fun! I can tell you that I originally tried to melt the beads to make ombre earrings. I can also tell you that it did not work out at all. The beads did not melt well. Womp. Womp. On to Plan B. If you’ve been reading for any amount of time, you know we typically go all the way to a Plan G before things work out for us. Here’s to hoping for better odds this time!