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Stay Golden Pony Lamp

July 15, 2015

**Update: We didn’t win the challenge, but I hope you still enjoy our lamp. Let us know if use our tutorial to make your own project. You can see who did win the mystery box challenge here.

For the last few posts we have been talking about Delightfully Noted’s Old School Mystery Box Challenge (catch up here and here). Well, all of the crafts have been revealed and voting is officially open as of today. You can vote here.

This means I can finally reveal our project… 

statement lamp with pony beads & water color -- tutorial |

…and because it was ridiculously easy to make, I am also going to give you the how-to.

You can do this project with any lamp — or even a mason jar, if you wanted to make a vase.  I started with this lamp (already owned):

statement lamp with pony beads and water colors -- tutorial |

The pony beads were my mystery item from Jennifer, and I picked up some jute twine from Michael’s for $12. Other supplies used were: super glue, hot glue, a gold paint pen (these), watercolor pencils (similar), and a pen brush (similar), which I already owned. So yep. It cost me $12 to make this lamp. In case you’re wondering, the lamp was purchased at TJ Maxx a few months ago for around $14.

First, I cut enough twine to fit around the neck of the lamp. I put super glue on the ends and stuck them together. This did involve holding the ends for a few seconds and getting glue on my hands, because I wanted the ends to stick together, but I didn’t want the twine to stick to the lamp. After the glue was dry, I got more twine and measured (starting at the twine I had just put around the neck of the lamp) and cut pieces that were twice the size of the lamp. It will depend on the size of you lamp, but I cut about 14 pieces of twine.

statement lamp with pony beads and water colors tutorial |

After the pieces of twine were cut, I then took one piece at a time and folded it in half, stuck the folded part under and over the ring on the lamp, and then pulled the ends through the loop (made by the fold) to make a knot. (I wish I had a picture of this part, but hopefully that’s a clear enough explanation.) I did this with each piece of twine, all the way around the lamp.

statement lamp with pony beads and water color tutorial |

This left each piece of twine having two parts. For the sake of this tutorial, my sanity and yours, lets call them an L piece (left piece) and an R piece (right piece). To make the diamond shapes, I started in the center of the lamp and took an R piece from one strand and an L piece from the opposite strand directly adjacent to my first strand (not the same strand). I then took 3 white beads, slid them onto both the L piece and the R piece, and then made a knot underneath the last bead.

pony lamp beads

I continued to do this all the way around the lamp. I repeated the same steps, taking an L piece and an R piece from opposite strands, but instead of putting both strands through the beads, I put 4 pink beads on the L piece and 4 pink beads on the R piece before knotting them together. The wide, blunt corners of the lamp were not playing nicely with the beads, so I opted to have just twine around the corners and add one bead then a knot just below the corner.

statement lamp with pony beads and watercolors tutorial |

Now in case you think they’ve really upgraded pony beads, my bag did not come with gold beads. No. I had to hand paint those with a paint pen. But this gave me the opportunity to make bad references like, “Stay golden pony lamp.”  Life has a way of working out that way, doesn’t it? I did get a lot of gold on my fingers, but it didn’t take too long to do. I painted them as needed, and while they were drying (took about 2 minutes) I fooled with the twine and other beads. You may also notice from the photo above that there are quite a few pieces of tape. After having the twine + beads move and ending up with unevenly placed knots one too many times, I taped those suckers down. This also aided in getting a better diamond shape, because I could pull the twine taught without fear of messing up some other part of it.

After the pink beads, I added another gold bead, a knot, and then realized my twine was too short to go all the way to the bottom of the lamp. Womp. Womp. For reals. Rather than take the whole thing apart and start over, I decided this little light lamp of mine was going to be of the Bohemian kind. So after the knot I added 1 more pink bead and then 3 fuchsia beads. (If you’d like your twine to go all the way to the bottom of your lamp, then x4 or x5 when measuring your twine.)

DIY bohemian pony bead and watercolor lamp |

The twine is different lengths, which for a Bohemian look I liked, but that meant I couldn’t tie a final knot in most of the strands. So I used my hot glue gun to put a bead of glue right under the last bead on each strand. I also taped the everything down and left it for a few days to train the twine to lay flat. Additionally, I wrapped and glued a few extra pieces of twine around the neck.

DIY bohemian pony bead and watercolor lamp |

As for the shade… I found similar watercolor pencils to the color of my beads, and just scribbled up and down all the way around the shade. (The shade is made of a sort of matte, textured silk-like material.)

DIY bohemian pony bead and watercolor lamp |

After the 10 seconds that that took, I went back over my scribbles with my wet pen brush. (You could probably just use a damp craft brush if you didn’t have one of these fancier things.) The more water you add the more diluted the color will get. Definitely be careful not to put so much water that the colors drip all over the shade — unless you are going for that sort of thing.

DIY bohemian pony bead and watercolor lamp |

After adding the darker fuchsia color to the shade, I repeated the same steps with a lighter pink. I finished the whole thing off by tracing the top and bottom edge with my gold paint pen.

DIY bohemian pony bead and watercolor lamp |

And that’s it! A thousand words later, and I think it took me longer to write this post than it did to actually make the lamp. The lamp is currently residing in Akira’s room. It’s not exactly the colors I wanted for her room, (I had hoped to do more coral than pink), so I might change it up a bit, but she loves it, so I might just change-up her color scheme. It’s not like we’ve started working on that yet, anyway!

Let’s look at more pictures, shall we?

DIY bohemian pony bead and watercolor lamp |

DIY bohemian pony bead and watercolor lamp |

Can you believe this was inspired by cheap-y pony beads?! Thanks again, to Delightfully Noted for hosting such a fun challenge! Don’t forget to VOTE for us (#3). Winner will be announced on Friday!

DIY bohemian pony bead and watercolor lamp |


Mystery Box Challenge | Let It Begin!

July 13, 2015

**Update #3: We didn’t win the mystery challenge, but you can see who did by clicking here!

**Update #2: Running a little late with today’s post, but voting is officially open! Winner will be announced Friday, so you have until then to vote. We’re #3. Rock the vote for us! I should have more about our lamp and a tutorial up this afternoon, so be sure to check back!

**Update: Round 2 of the challenge has been posted, and it includes our entry! Woot! Check it out here.

Yesterday was the first round of the reveals for the Old School Craft Challenge!


We mentioned in this post that we had enthusiastically signed up to be a part of Jennifer’s (of Delightfully Noted) Old School Craft Challenge. And when I say we, I really mean me, because even though we’re usually team players, Michael designates crafts + contests as “my thing”. He was very helpful with brainstorming and giving his opinion when I asked, however. But enough about him! This is a contest guys, and the stakes are high! There are some great prizes up for grabs which I REALLY want to win! Also, I’m finding that I tend to be a little competitive.

You can read the full details and see all of the fabulous prizes over on Delightfully Noted. The short of it is: Jennifer came up with the genius idea to do a craft challenge with old school craft items (e.g. puffy paint and pony beads). She asked for participants and I was very much, “Oh! Pick me! Pick me!” There are 8 other participants. We had no idea what Jennifer was going to send us. I ended up getting pony beads. At first I was all:

craft challenge |

But I think we ended up with a pretty cool project. Jennifer is revealing 3 projects per day, and the first round of reveals started yesterday around 6:30pm; you can check those out here. The submissions thus far are pretty cool. I wouldn’t have ever thought of some of them. Definitely worth seeing! I’ll update this post and our Facebook page when our project is revealed, so be sure to check back. You will be able to vote on your favorites starting Wednesday. I’ll remind you when I share the tutorial for our craft project on Wednesday. Until then here’s a little teaser for you:

pony bead craft challenge | here-lately