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Bathroom Renovations (Or What’s Behind Molding #1?)

September 3, 2015

I keep seeing all these pins on Pinterest about stair makeovers (here, here and here). “$60 stair makeover!” “Makeover your stairs in a weekend!” It’s no secret that our carpeted-golden-oak-laden stairs’ days are numbered. Vacuuming 20-something stairs and two landings? I ain’t got time for that! I long for the days of just sweeping the stairs and moving on with my life. However, we can’t just start ripping the carpet off the stairs right now; not when we have this loveliness glaring back at us:

bathroom renovations |

Yep! We’ve started renovating our downstairs bathroom. And let me tell you, there is all sorts of craziness going on in this tiny space. Don’t believe me?

renovating a half-bath |

Just watch.

We had this crazy double, slanted molding happening on only one wall:

renovating a powder room |

Before removing it a few weekends ago we assumed we’d find water damage behind there, but no, that would be too easy. Instead of water damage, we found a water pipe sticking out past the drywall.

bathroom renovations |

It’s creating a real conundrum. We can’t just put molding over it, because then there is a significant gap left between the top of the molding and the wall. However, we don’t even need to worry about that yet, because we have other problems to deal with.

The previous owners texturized and painted over the black and white striped wall paper that was in here, but it’s peeling in certain places, so that needs to be removed. (You can see it in the photos above.) We also wanted to removed the current vanity to replace it with a pedestal sink. Well after disconnecting it (with a little help)…

bathroom renovations |

…Michael had to literally cut it out of the wall.

bathroom renovation |

I guess the top was too wide, so the builder made it fit by notching out a space for it in the wall?

We are also tasked with putting in flooring where the vanity used to be. The tile that’s in here runs through the entire downstairs. We have a few extra tiles, so if we can, we’d like to use those extras to just fill in the empty space. Buuut the tiles are on a diagonal and there is no transition — meaning the tiles in the bathroom are also halfway in the hallway. In order to continue the same diagonal pattern without removing a tile that is in the bathroom, but also the hall, we are going to have to get creative.

bathroom renovations |

This was supposed to be an “easy” project. Remove the vanity, remove the wallpaper, add some paint, the pedestal sink, some decor, and voila! Now we’re tasked with removing the wallpaper, replacing parts of the drywall, tearing up and replacing some of the floor, concealing a pipe… but then again it’s DIY and us, I don’t know why I would ever expect any less.

bathroom renovations |

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  • Reply Dana September 5, 2015 at 5:18 pm

    You could always trace the tiles on paper and lay them out and use them as a pattern to cut out the odd shapes you’d need to make it look like they belonged there.

    • Reply Blair September 6, 2015 at 6:01 pm

      Great idea, Dana! The problem we’re running into is the tile that is half in the bathroom and half in the hall is missing a small piece (cut off to accommodate the previous vanity), and really should be replaced, but then we won’t have enough tile. If we leave it as is then the grout lines will be off. I think we’re just going to roll with it and hope it’s not noticeable. We’ll definitely keep the paper thing in mind!

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