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And Now We’re Back From Outer Space | Akira’s Room Makeover

January 28, 2016

Just kidding. We weren’t really in outer space, but you knew that. I don’t know what it is, but whenever I think about being gone / coming back, that song always pops into my head. Annd those aren’t even the correct lyrics.

It has been over a month since our last post, and while that wasn’t intentional, there was good reason for the hiatus. We were recovering. I’m not sure what possessed us to think after lamenting about a twelve week half bathroom remodel that we should attempt to completely makeover our daughter’s room; as a surprise; five days before Christmas. If I had to guess, I’d say it was probably the caffeine. Caffeine makes you think you can do things. Nonetheless, I can tell you that we did do it, and it’s probably our favorite makeover to date!


akira's room after 1

If you recall, back in May we switched Akira and Eleanor’s rooms, and shared our makeover plan for Akira’s room via a little mood board action. (Missed it? Catch up here.) Well, we didn’t even follow the mood board. Go figure. I ended up putting the lamp that I created for the mystery box challenge in Akira’s room, and it pretty much led the way for the direction of the room: Pinks, corals, navy + a bit of a boho (for me) and a little glam (for her). To keep the whole thing a surprise we sent her to my parent’s house in Louisiana and then proceeded to stay up way past our bedtime every night to get it finished by the time she came back.


Girl's room makeover |

(I told her that her dress reminded me of Audrey Hepburn, so we played dress up – hence, the shades.)

Whoa, right?! Michael has wanted to replace Akira’s bed with a loft bed for a while now, but I haven’t been on board. I really liked the bed that she had (it was actually Michael and I’s first bed), and I figured she would grow out of wanting a loft bed in a few years and that would mean needing to redo her room again. Then I saw this picture and I was completely sold. The seating area under the bed with the shelves for books is what really won me over. And actually, we were able to create 5 separate zones in her room just by raising the bed off the floor!

There’s the entry:

Girl's room makeover |

The furry bench was originally intended to go in the closet, but was moved to this spot when our closet plans changed. If you follow us on instagram you might recognize the 3D coat rack. I picked it up at Hobby Lobby. It was originally black and intended to be decorative, 3D wall art, but when I saw it I knew it would make an awesome place to hang her personal effects. I spray painted it Blue Ocean Breeze by Krylon, added some gold details with a paint marker, and attached picture hangers (just by unbending them and then rebending them around the piece) to use as hooks.

Girl's room makeover |

On the left side of the bed is the reading / music area:

Girl's room makeover |

I had hoped to hang the Ikea bookshelves under the bed near the hammock, but when they were too long for the wall, rather than adjust the bed to fit the shelves, we just adjusted our plan. We hung them vertically – and by we I mean Michael, because I had made ginormous holes in the closet while trying to hang things, and I was no longer allowed to touch the drill.  In the space below the shelves we leaned her guitar and keyboard, and we added her pouf for a comfy place to sit. The sheer curtains (from Ikea), also help to visually separate the space, without completely closing it off.

Sitting area:

Girls room makeover |


Girls room makeover |

(Pillow from Society 6.)

For the sitting area under her bed, I ordered a hammock chair from Etsy (found here), picked up some battery powered, jewel-shaped lights, and painted her Ikea RAST dresser and changed out the knobs. The dresser doubles as an accent table and still holds her folding clothes.

Girls room makeover |

Originally, the knobs were all the same, but I had to replace the top knobs when they broke after only 3 days of use. She wasn’t being rough with them, either. So just something to consider if you’d like to purchase the same knobs from Hobby Lobby.

Toy area:

(To the right of the hammock in this photo.)

Girls room makeover |

On the right side of the bed, a skinnier space (the bed is centered on the window not the wall) is where we’re keeping her ridiculous amount of stuffed animals and other small toys. I would still like to add a shelf or two on the wall for a few more of her trinkets, but at the moment everything seems to have a home, so I’m just going to celebrate that miracle and only add the shelves if need be later.

Desk / study area:

Girls room makeover |

The desk area was a big must for this room makeover. As she is getting older a dedicated place for homework and studying has become necessary. We knew we wanted to get a smaller desk for our room, so we took the drawer cabinet from that desk and just added a new top and leg from Ikea. (The top to the desk in our room was too long, so unfortunately, we couldn’t reuse it.) The leg (on the left) was originally black.  I spray painted it gold to add some interest. The chair is also from Ikea.

Girls room makeover |

(Forgive the color in this photo. It’s way off. Her walls are certainly not yellow!)

The bulletin board is from Hobby Lobby, as is the letter A. I originally passed on the bulletin board, but then couldn’t stop thinking about it. I rushed back to Hobby Lobby the next day, crossing my fingers that it was still there. I may or may not have danced in the aisle after putting it in my cart.

Girls room makeover |

She’s into Taylor Swift lately, although she only wanted to hang that picture of her after she asked me who it was. She’s heard a few of her songs, but we don’t have cable, so she had no idea what Taylor Swift actually looked like. #parentingwin

So this is actually just part one of her room makeover! Yep, we went all over-achiever and made over her closet, too. Stay tuned for the next post where we’ll share all of those details, as well as paint colors and more sources. I’m hoping that we’ll have that post up in less than a month. 😉


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  • Reply Jody Powell March 8, 2016 at 10:02 pm

    This is really cute. I had forgotten all of the details but I did remember the loft bed…..such a space saver! How do her friends like the room?

    • Reply Blair March 10, 2016 at 8:38 am

      She doesn’t have many friends outside of school, but the few that have seen her room, love it!

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