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Akira’s Room Makeover | Part 2

April 5, 2016

Well, this post has been a bit of a long time coming. Last we left you, we shared all about Akira’s room makeover. Need a refresher? Check out the details here. In addition to making over Akira’s room, we also made over her closet.


girl's closet



akira closet makeover 1 |

(There is no natural light in the closet, so please forgive the fuzzy photos!)

Unfortunately, we don’t have many progress shots because we were working on this way past our bedtimes, and neither one of us were feeling enthusiastic enough to stop every 15 minutes to take photos. So you’ll just have to visualize with me…

We started by removing the shelves and hanging rods from the left and back walls. Then we painted the walls and ceiling Dover White by Sherwin Williams.

Around 12am when we were getting ready to stop for the night, I looked at Michael and said, “Okay, don’t kill me, but that paint is dry and we really need to get this fabric on the wall. Can we just do it now, so I can work on the details tomorrow?” To my surprise, he said, “Alright. Let’s go.” That man does a fabulous job at pretending he likes my ideas. So back to the room we went. We shimmied the ladder into the closet and started stapling the 2 yards of fabric (from Hobby Lobby) to the back wall. If you’d like the how to, this is the tutorial that we used.

The next morning while Eleanor was napping and Emerson was watching a movie I used fabric glue to adhere ribbon to the edges of the fabric/wall to clean things up a bit and hide the staples.

akiras closet ribbon trim |

We hung her clothes on the right side and used the shelf above for miscellaneous trinkets (e.g. trophies, keepsakes, etc.).

akira closet right side |

The blue shoe cabinet is actually a metal TV stand that we purchase from Ikea.

Akira closet shoes

On the right side of the closet, we attached two shelves, a mirror, hooks, and a jewelry organizer (all from Target). It’s the perfect place for her to stash her purses/bags, nail polish, and jewelry. I’m not going to lie, I’m a little jealous.

akira closet shelves |

There’s also this fab Zebra print for some added whimsy. The print is from Me & My Big Ideas: Gallery addition (purchased at Hobby Lobby).

closet makeover zebra print |

I love that it has a sensibility about it. The pieces will stay the same but how she uses them and what she stores in here will change. It’s a space that will grow with her, and that was our main goal.

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