Oh, hey there. We’re Blair and Michael, and we live in Austin, Texas. We married summer of 2005, in south Louisiana (Blair’s hometown). After marriage, we moved to Austin (Michael’s hometown), where we lived in apartments for 6 years; picture various Ikea furniture and curtains – none of it Pinterest worthy. In winter of 2011, we purchased our first home together. We purposely looked for a home that had “good bones”. We looked for a house that we could really update to fit our needs and personalities. With this house, we loved that we could easily keep an eye on the kids when they were playing outside, because the majority of the windows face the backyard. We also liked the layout, the big, curvy windows in the front of the house, and the location.


We had crazy dreams for this house: remodeling the kitchen, turning the spare closet in our master bedroom into a library / coffee bar – just to name a few. However, neither of us had any idea how to do any of that in 2011. Blair once painted a room, but had no idea that the first coat needed to dry before painting the second coat. Yes, that was the extent of our experience. Yet, somewhere between Michael’s day job as a software engineer, and taking care of our three children (Akira (8), Emerson (3), and Eleanor (1)) we’re slowly making this house a home. We’ve repaired toilets, installed lighting, mended walls… It often involves a whole lot of research, late nights, and more doing rather than thinking. Honestly, in the thick of things, neither of us particularly love painting textured walls or staying up until 3AM hanging tile, but we’re both creative and very hands on, so we are driven to do what we can ourselves. Not to mention, there is just something about the finished product, (and knowing that we did that with our own hands), that keeps us coming back for more.