It’s Like Its Birthday, Man. It’s 4 Month Birthday…

June 12, 2015

(Please tell me you got the Orange County reference in the title.)

It’s a bit hard for us to believe, but this little blog baby of ours hit the 4-month mark this week! What? How has it already been 4 months? What have we even been posting about for 4 months?! With those thoughts in mind, I thought (ha) that it might be a good time to go back and take a look at what we have been posting, and even share a few of our favorite posts. So here we go!

1. Our Biggest Project to Date:

Hands down, the office turned playroom.

office to playroom makeover | here-lately.com

Not only was this our biggest project, but it was also the first time we ever joined a “link up”. Linda from Calling It Home hosted the One Room Challenge. Bloggers were invited to share their progress as they spent a measly 6 weeks completely reinventing one room in their home. It was nuts, but also really fun. We’re so glad we were able to participate. Michael’s favorite project to date also took place during the One Room Challenge.

2. Michael’s Favorite Project to Date:

Industrial pipe shelves!

pipe shelves on a budget via here-lately

When I asked him what his favorite project has been and he said the pipe shelves, I was a bit shocked. My response: “Seriously? Are you sure?” When we were in the thick of it, we both hated those things. We were trying to keep costs down, so we had to get really creative. That, paired with trying to mathematically visualize something that didn’t yet exist, made my head hurt! Luckily for you, Michael wrote a great tutorial which includes measurements and tips on how to keep costs on the lower end. I’m pretty sure it’s his favorite project, because despite the headaches, they turned out pretty awesome. I can also say that the playroom still looks pretty similar to the day we revealed it. Having storage that is easily accessible and easily understood by the children (Legos go in basket #1!) has made cleaning up for them a breeze — it’s also made one happy mama.

3. Easiest Project to Date:

This is a toss-up between our tension rod filing system

alternate file cabinet (1 of 1)

…and the marquee letter that Akira and me made for her room.

simple marquee letter |here-lately.com

The files probably took the least amount of time, but the letter was certainly more fun! FYI, both are still working great!

4. Blair’s Favorite Project to Date:

Speaking of files brings me to my favorite project to date:

Our coffee table makeover!

stenciled chest |here-lately.com

I don’t know. This old box, with its quote and two-toned self, just makes me smile every time I see it — which is a lot, because it’s smack dab in the middle of the living room.  I also love that it was 100% FREE!

5. Most Likely to be Mentioned:

I bet you thought I was going to say The Library was my favorite project. I mean, I think it’s mentioned in practically every post! I even joked that you could make a drinking game out of how many times we mention it. (You do know I was joking, right?)

coffee bar | here-lately.com

I even christened it “The Library”; hence why I am always capitalizing that. While we do love that we turned a spare closet into a cozy hangout complete with books and the smell of coffee, we really don’t get to spend much time in there. Moreover, there are still a lot of things to do in there, like: finish the medallion ceiling, finish the other side of the chalk board (pictured above), fill the shelves with books…

6. Most Organized to Date:

This would go to our Ikea shoe cabinet that we purchased after selling our entry table when we just couldn’t handle the pile o’ shoes at the bottom of the coat closet anymore.

shoe cabinet | here-lately.com

Although, I do feel like this is the most unorganized organized space in the house. We mentioned in the post that while it looks great and provides better access for the kids, the shoes slide around in the cabinet leaving them anything but organized. Nonetheless, I would still purchase it again. The kids are currently trying to see just how many shoes they can over stuff in there. **Note: You may have also noticed the fake flowers. This is because we have a cat who thinks that anytime I set out real plants they’re for his own personal buffet.**

7. Project Least Likely to be Finished:

(At least, that’s the way it seems anyway.) This would definitely be our yard! We’ve posted about it here and here.


We’re basically starting over with our landscaping. Pair that with not really knowing what we are doing and the fact that it is already so hot here in Texas, I’m really not sure this will ever be done. I mean, it needs to before we can get our home re-appraised and it’s at the top of our list, but it’s soo hot! (We attempted to get most of the yard things done before it got too hot, but the random monsoon season that we had in May washed out those plans. Ps. You know you love my puns.)

8. Most Popular Post to Date:

Our playroom reveal has certainly been the most popular post to date. We got a whopping 231 views on that post in one day alone. Not bad for only 4 months old! I was surprised, however, with how much attention our grout cleaning post got.

how to get really clean grout easily

This was the post that almost didn’t happen. As I was writing it, I kept telling Michael how lame it seemed and that I should just delete the whole thing. Well, good thing I didn’t! Apparently, a lot of you have grout that needs to be cleaned. I’m glad I’m not the only one!

There are a few others worth mentioning, if you missed them:

  • Free Art Printable Round Up
  • What We’re Thinking (our thought process when it comes to updating our home)
  • Our Lately posts. Under Latelies in the Category section. These posts are often a little less home DIY related and a little more personal. We hope that our blog is truly about what’s happening here lately, and since we actually do life here, we find those things worth mentioning. It’s also how we keep our family and friends who don’t live near by up to date on our lives in general.

Lastly, Michael and I just want to say thanks for hanging out with us! Whether this is your first time here or you’re 42nd (that’s how many post we have to date!), we’ve been so encouraged by everyone’s kind words and enthusiasm. Thanks, friends!




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